Jeevani Vidyalayam

To meet its objectives, Jeevani has contemplated the need for different environment which is realized in the form of Jeevani Vidyalayam. It has acquired 2.5 acres of land in Rotarypuram village which is located 12 kilometers from Anantapuram. The construction is going on now. Currently the Vidyalayam is planned to be equipped with boarding and educational facilities till high school. In future it will be expanded to include junior college. ( +2 level )

Jeevani Vidyalayam visions that a child be brought up in a much relaxed environment where learning is fun. The functions of Vidyalayam are not limited to just providing good education in to children but include building human relations among them with an orientation to service.

The Objectives Are..

  1. Provide quality education and facilitate the all-round development of the child.
  2. Emphasize on building human relations.
  3. Provide moral support for children.
  4. Mobilize donor and community participation in offering care and support.

Currently, Jeevani shelters 38 children. All children will be provided education till Intermediate at Jeevani Vidyalayam. Depending on the child's interest, support will be extended to complete formal education till Masters Level. Children who fail to continue with formal levels of education shall be empowered through skills training for self-reliance. Employment opportunities will be provided through small-scale industries under Jeevani society.

Jeevani uses & as a medium to provide updates on the activities of organization and its children. As a firm believer in transparency, Jeevani provides daily balance sheet details (incoming donations and outgoing expenditures) through SMS and blog updates.

Jeevani has also undertaken other charity activities. It has donated things worth 5lakhs directly to the people residing in the flood affected regions of Kurnool.

The aim of Jeevani organization is to extend its services to as many orphans as possible. Realizing the benevolent goals of Jeevani, Zee 24 hours news channel has extended its accolades. Jeevani has also received awards from the Honarable speaker Sri. Nadendla Manohar.

We want to sculpture Jeevani Vidyalayam as a model school where the meaning of education is wisdom. Here students are taught morality, good values, dignity of labour, life coping skills and are given all the freedom, inspiring and holistic atmosphere to thrive and prepare themselves for future in a more confidant way. For which we may require you might and magnanimity and more over your blessings and support to train them become doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers and civil servants and make sure that these once forgotten children take their rightful positions as the valuable members of the society

Come join hands with JEEVANI to make this dream possible and to make these children learn to be grateful for their lives, knowing that God has chosen them for a purpose and will use them to help others in life's most difficult times